How We Care For You

We bring every thing under your fingertips at low prices than anywhere else you could ever find, not just for a day or two; all 365 days!! Check out How We Are Able To Make It Possible::

Direct Sourcing



We source directly from farmers, No middlemen or agents are involved; nor from any neighborhood stores as well. This gives us an upper-hand in getting the products right at the time of production. And this gives our farmers an advantage of getting the rightful wages they truly deserve. That’s how we proclaim ‘JAI JAWAN JAI KISAN’.


Zero Wastage

All the Products are procured by experts with extensive product knowledge and vast experience in the industry. Our efficient transportation system aids in the efficient transportation of the products directly from farms to our fulfillment centers. This gives us the benefits of optimum sourcing and sorting with zero distribution charges as well.


Advanced in-house Facilities

We have the best and world class warehouses/fulfillment centers with the most modern technologies and equipments for an efficient sorting, de-stoning, cleaning, grinding and pulverizing.


Assured Quality is our guarantee 

Our team of qualified professionals, specially trained to source the right products, check for quality and undergoes minute screening to provide personalized and responsive service to our customers.


Quality Assurance by trained staff

Service Right At Your Doorstep

With a service that efficiently reaches out to you with a fleet of delivery vehicles, we are able to deliver products efficiently intact and fresh to you without fail. The entire fleet consist of only four wheelers so that your order reaches you safe and secure without being exposed to the elements.


Your Convenience is our first priority,  that’s why we have 4 Delivery Slots everyday – a service that is created for your convenience. Your orders will be delivered across 4 time slots; two before noon and two in the afternoon & evening. You could get your orders delivered on the same day if you place your order before 11:00AM of the respective day.


Our team of well trained, super-efficient delivery pilots are courteous and respectful when they interact with you. That’s how we say “We just don’t deliver products, We Deliver A Better Life”.